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About Paula Edmiston

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I like working with dynamic, creative people who are collaborative and collegial.


Educational Technology Consultant, 1985 - present

Information Literacy and Web Constructions.

Currently consulting with CORAL: Collaborative Online Research and Learning; an academic project based in Pennsylvania. I provide tools to enhance their online collaborative experience, including webboards, chat rooms, calendars, file management and sharing. As new technologies evolve, I evolve with them. Perhaps my greatest strength is my ability to learn new things quickly and well enough that I can create classes, documentation, guides and tutorials. Skills and abilities enhanced by this experience:

  • Encouraging students and faculty to accept and use new tools
  • The importance of displaying enthusiasiam and energy, and motivating by example
  • Being a self-starter; able to take initiative and present with little supervision
  • Work as part of a team, listening to the needs and wants of the faculty and students and identify the tools to produce the best results
  • Be ready to learn new academic disciplines as the need arises
  • Customer service and interpersonal skills are vital components of my successful interactions

Librarian II, Youth Services Manager, Mobile Public Library, 2005 - 2008

  • Planned, directed and documented the Summer Library Program (SLP)
  • Balanced leadership and collaboration among library administration, staff, and community organizations
  • Created an SLP web site that met standards and using technologies such as XHTML, CSS, RSS and JavaScript, while adhering to organizational policies and ensuring accessibility
  • Partnered with two other managers to move the library's contents (>100,000 volumes + furnishings) to a temporary location during building renovations. We found careful planning and meticulous mapping made this task run quite smoothly. Then we moved everything again, three more times, after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
  • Supervised a staff of four and a base of over 50 volunteers. Supervision of the Main library as scheduled

Librarian I, Reference Librarian, Mobile Public Library, 2003 - 2005

  • Provided reference and reader guidance
  • Analyzed and updated the library website
  • Introduced new technologies such as XHTML, CSS, RSS feeds and JavaScript while achieving technical, organizational and accessibility standards
  • Created and delivered classes and individualized consulting on using computers, the library software and the Internet as a research, community and business tool
  • Participated in collection management and program development

Consultant, Staff Development Department, Fulton County Schools, Atlanta, GA, 2000-2006

  • Designed and conducted online continuing education classes to K12 teachers in the Fulton County school system: Teachers on the Web: designing and publishing websites and Teachers on the Net, an introduction to the Internet
  • Performed a complete redesign of the extensive staff development website. Technologies used included RSS feeds, embedded video, CSS, JavaScript. Customized, installed and maintained scripts for a FAQ, search engine (including analysis of searches performed on the site), site mappers, link checker, staff blog, and myriad handouts and guides
  • Provided maintenance of the staff development website, including site analysis, search practices

Research Associate: Georgia Tech Research Institute, 1999 - 2000

  • Consulted on various educational and nongovernmental projects
  • Created content for Foundations for the Future, an industry and government funded project to provide technological assistance to K12 educators
  • Initiated innovative programs to involve teachers in the use of technology
  • Developed websites for other labs on campus

Factotum: Mountain Xpress (née Green Line), Asheville, NC 1988 - 1999

I worked part time at this community newspaper on and off for over 10 years and handled the newspaper's changing needs with adroit agility.
  • Designed and maintained the web site for this weekly newspaper. Special interests included CGI applications, navigation and information architecture in complex web sites
  • Developed Kalu, a business system to track all aspects of newspaper production, including accounting, advertising and layout, in Fox Pro
  • Managed computer systems, Mac and PC, and maintained an AppleTalk network, troubleshooted software, and managed file conversions between Macs, DOS and CP/M machines.

Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, UNC-Asheville, 1995 - 1998 and Instructor, Math department, Warren Wilson College (WWC), Swannanoa, NC. 1995 - 1997

  • Designed and taught classes on computer software and on using the Internet. These classes took place in a variety of computer labs on a variety of platforms (UNIX, PC, Apple)
  • Worked closely with faculty, teaching them how Internet resources can enhance the pedagogical processes of class development.
  • Designed and presented Internet demonstrations for the WWC First Year Seminar Program

Director, The Alternative Reading Room, Asheville, NC. 1990 - 1994

  • Responsible for all aspects of this privately funded library: administration, reference, fund raising and operations.
  • Produced a number of programs for the community, including a public reading of banned books during Banned Books week, and I moderated a panel on Freedom and Citzenship on the Internet which included representatives of the ACLU, local academics and citizens.
  • Created bibliographic and mailing systems in Fox.
  • Extensive use of the Internet for research and exploration.
  • The first free public resource for Internet use and training in Asheville

Internet Constructions

NB: Links checked July 2014. Some of these links lead to material archived by the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. Due to the high volume of traffic it can occasionally take a little time for the pages to load.

Handouts, Guides and Tutorials

I've been making handouts, guides and tutorials all of my professional life. I love the art of documentation. A few examples:
  • My handouts and guides are of current use and some are outdated, but are kept as examples of my teaching and documentation skills.
  • Many guides and tutorials are available in my courseweb, teaching K12 teachers about technology. Login as Guest when prompted and visit the class as a guest. The courseweb is no longer accessible


XML Experiment
I am learning XML, which I think will be an important element in merging information technologies on the web. CORAL has asked me to create a bibliography database and this experiment in an XML-based CORAL Bibliography is an early test before beginning the full PHP/MySQL project

Perl Scripts

Bibliography Database
This Bibliography of Psychodrama publications was adapted from an open source perl script for the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (ASGPP )
The Perl Calendar
No longer in use. This is a calendar screenshot
File Sharing and Management
This is no longer in use, however here's an image of File sharing which allowed the students to share access to their online files and documents;
Several guides to using Fileman were developed as it evolved; A guide to the older Fileman ; and to the newer Fileman(a big ol'1.5MB PDF)
Discussion Forum
I modified this open source perl script for this class. This discussion board served a long and useful purpose. Like the other CORAL tools described here, it was replaced by newer tools.


Aesop's Fables
This little collection of Aesop's Fables will appear in a little pop up window


The Database Finder
The Database Finder is a PGP/MySQL system I created from scratch to access the electronic resources of the Mobile [AL] Public library (connections have been disabled). Admin access will be provided upon request. When I started at the Mobile Library I decided to combine my desire to learn more about their research databases with my interest in learning PHP and MySQL.
Academic Talker (chat) site
The Coral Reef, an academic talker, It's no longer used but you will find extensive documentation and help files.

Classes: From Hand Made Websites to Academic Courseware

For a number of years I taught online classes to K12 teachers through the Atlanta-Fulton County (GA) School System department of professional development. I installed and customized an open source application, Moodle, for these classes and named it The CourseWeb. The courseweb is no longer accessible

Summer Library Program, Mobile Public Library

A sample Summer Library Program (SLP) website [Archived copy] Summer Library Program (SLP) website. It includes a little pop up window containing some Aesop's Fables

Matrix Magic

[Archived copy] Matrix Magic was my first consulting website and quite extensive. We specialized in ubiquity long before Cloud Computing was a buzz term. Our primary focus was in creating server-side applications to support the work and research of organizations and individuals

Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, University of North Carolina-Asheville, 1995 - 1998

Designed and conducted the [Archived copy] first Internet research course in the area

Instructor, Warren Wilson College, 1995-1997


The Academic Blog. (MS Word DOC) A RECAP 2005 workshop The blog created for this workshop.

The Invisible Web: Finding Resources that Search Engines Miss. A Presentation at RECAP 2004. West Chester University, West Chester, PA.

Making Accessible Websites. RECAP 2003 conference, West Chester University, West Chester, PA.

Treadwell, T., Ashcraft, D., McVeigh, K. & Edmiston, P. (2003). Using on-line collaboration and peer project guides to encourage constructivist learning. Workshop presented at the annual conference on Advancing Teaching in College Classrooms and Campus Cultures held in Harrisburg, PA.

Ashcraft, D., Treadwell, T., McVeigh, K. A., & Edmiston, P. (2003, March). Using technology and peer project guides to promote constructivist learning. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Baltimore, MD.

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Web Browsers as Research Tools. A workshop presented at the Resources for the Electronic Classroom Conference West Chester University, Pennsylvania May 10, 2001.

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Treadwell, T., Arsenault, P., Ashcraft, D., Edmiston, P., Barimani, A., Mittan, B. (2000, October). Collaborative Research and Teaching Using On-line and Videoconferencing Technology (MS Word doc): An On-line Videoconference Workshop from Three Sites - Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Maine with On-line Web-Based Chat from Georgia. Invited workshop presented at the annual meeting of Community of Agile Partners in Education (CAPE), Harrisburg, PA.

Deus ex machina . (2000) Keynote address at the Resources for the Electronic Classroom Conference. West Chester University, Pennsylvania

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HTML tutorial and Web Authoring Tools . (1999) An Emerging Technologies/Reshaping Education Workshop. Presented at the Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Institutions, (HBCU/MI) Educational Technology Expo. Atlanta, GA.

Communication Tools for Online Collaboration. (1999) A presentation to the American Psychological Association's Mini convention on Education and Technology, Boston, MA.

Finding Funding Sources on the Internet. (1999) A workshop delivered at the Funding Sources for Technology in Education conference in Atlanta, GA.
How to Make a Web Page: Learning HTML Workshop

"Tarr at the Edge of the Sea", in Culture of Cyberspace. NY: New Observations. Winter 1999.

Incorporating Ready-Made CGI Scripts into the Curriculum. A presentation at the Teaching With Technology Symposium, West Chester University, Pennsylvania, May 7, 1998.

Moderator for ACLU Forum: Freedom of Speech on the Internet. Asheville. NC, December 9, 1997.

Negotiating with the Data. In Being Online: Net Subjectivity. Edited by Alan Sondheim. NY:Lusitania Press. 1997.

Quoted in "Scholars Debate the Pros and Cons of Anonymity in Internet Discussions." By Lisa Guernsey. The Chronicle of Higher Education. XLIII:6 October 4, 1996. pp. A23-24.

Davidson, Paula E. "Activist Library Celebrates Third Year" in Librarians at Liberty. 1:2 January, 1994.

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Professional Development


M.Ln. Library & Information Management
Emory University, Atlanta, GA
A.B. Anthropology
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
Honors Thesis, Departmental Honors
Margaret Hall School, Versailles, KY


American Library Association
Progressive Librarians Guild
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Mailing List: code4lib
Mailing List: XML4Lib
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