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The Library Cat by Noel Peattie

Before we leave the library world, we recollect our long-held belief that a library, and the library profession, find their analogy in our cat. The brain of the cat directs him to go out and find a mouse; this is Administration. He perceives, by sight, sound, and smell, the mouse: this is Collection Development. He catches the mouse: this is Acquisitions. He digests the mouse: this is Cataloging and Serials. He comes in and tells us about the mouse: this is Reference. He curls up in a ball and enjoys the mouse: this is Circulation. Finally, later on, he produces, for the out-of-doors, an Annual Report, which no one wants to see. So he buries it. However, he loves, and expects, regular supplies of goodies, and adores being brushed and cuddled and told how beautiful he is. And he has no morals, no politics, and no religion.

By Noel Peattie (reprinted here with permission of the author) _Sipapu_ V.23, N.2, 1993, p.12.

N.B. Sipapu is no longer being published.
Last Edited: 05 Mar 2012
Last Edited: 05 Mar 2012